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  1. Breaking Through
  2. single parent, only child, dependent mother?
  3. clockwise or counter clockwise?
  4. Chris Langan (200 IQ) : What do you think of him and his theories?
  5. Modes of Communication
  6. Introversion and self-esteem
  7. dysgraphia+intp
  8. Shitty quality of mine.
  9. My brain locks up in 1-on-1 situations
  10. Any Twins on INTPc?
  11. Violent Dreams
  12. Denial
  13. Are you witty and/or charming?
  14. Support networks
  15. need for violence?
  16. Can this emotional outburst be reconciled?
  17. Drawing Development in Children
  18. Identical MBTI type.
  19. Temper
  20. Ever feel like you're psychic?
  21. Breaking up with yourself
  22. Twins
  23. Dave Allen's 'Getting Things Done' method
  24. To try for the long-distance thing... or not...
  25. Name the disorder.
  26. Site about becoming more rational
  27. Mit(you)osis
  28. They've gone Cold...
  29. Setting High Standards
  30. Sadder but wiser for you?
  31. Gender and sense of humo(u)r
  32. Death and Relationships
  33. You know what's fucked up...?
  34. the "feel"
  35. 50,000th post
  36. Dealing with acute social anxiety
  37. Anyone raised like an "E" despite "I" qualities?
  38. When your emotional support team sucks...
  39. Hearing or Sight
  40. we need dumb people
  41. iNtuition or Proprioception?
  42. telling gf how i feel
  43. Self-Proclaimed Assholes
  44. Nebraska: Yet another mass killing in the good ole U.S.A.
  45. Conspiracy theories: a possible explanation
  46. Fear of Change
  47. Inappropriate Emotional Expression?
  48. Dream Themes
  49. Identity Crisis
  50. INTP Men: How Masculine are You?
  51. Eliminate one fear
  52. do you ever try to change people?
  53. Hypnosis!?
  54. Hand Movement
  55. Controlling?
  56. Family importance to an INTP?
  57. Is it possible to really hate a person?
  58. Trying to think outside the INTP box.
  59. Play vs. talk at parties
  60. Fuck MBTI, what's your essence?
  61. Beautiful on the Inside, Ugly on the outside
  62. Beautiful on the outside... Nothing on the inside.
  63. Socionic Interrelation Function Translation
  64. were you exceptionally Gifted as child?
  65. Sensual, Glory, or Power
  66. power and conflict in relationships
  67. Omission, Stretching the Truth, and what I should do now
  68. Self-actualisation and Relationships.
  69. Your opinion on life observations
  70. When you meet people on the internet, how to do you imagine them to look?
  71. i have problem...no wait a dilemma...is that spelled right?
  72. Polarity lessons from Star Trek
  73. Navigating the modern marriage
  74. Do females manipulate/test males?
  76. the "attitude" aesthetic
  77. How does one deal with this
  78. is this neediness?
  79. Friendships at a distance
  80. Reaction and involvement in video
  81. Could my friend have PTSD?
  82. Male responsibility to react?
  83. Off-putting Habits
  84. Reaction to near car accident
  85. Life is like war. (Acceptance speech)
  86. This obsession with cats...
  87. Seeing, thinking, through pictures.
  88. Schizophrenia
  89. Defining moments
  90. Dream hypothesis thingy
  91. ugh. I need "advice."
  92. Zoloft
  93. do you make your bed everyday?
  94. As INTP Parents...
  95. Death
  96. Washing Clothes
  97. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?
  98. Born too early?
  99. Suggestions For Psychology Books
  100. Mental Breakdowns
  101. verbal abuse -> introversion?
  102. Interesting article about names
  103. Hair Colour Discussion
  104. What is your problem response type?
  105. A Five Factor Problem Solving Model
  106. Repressed memory?
  107. Solitude
  108. Boosting energy (inspiration)?
  109. Women in the trades
  110. bizarre things you've said to a date
  111. Miscegenation: Approve or Disapprove?
  112. Benefits of acting class
  113. Cuddling
  114. The "Bad" Guy
  115. Correcting people
  116. Really, coloring books?
  117. depressed about being an INTP
  118. Lies You Tell For No Reason
  119. Too much
  120. The Secret to Intense Focus
  121. Personal Development
  122. violent tendencies?
  123. The Toppling Archetype: The Incredibles, Orangutan Island, and Good vs. Evil
  124. Single forever
  125. "afraid of change" or "the loss"?
  126. Oprah (ENFJ) and You (INTP)
  127. How do you deal with depression?
  128. Words or pictures?
  129. being an INTP father
  130. Why do we become that which we most hate?
  131. Taking care of the folks
  132. How to get rid of Dismissive-Avoidant attachment
  133. Single Parent homes and the affectation on mental state
  134. How Will You Die?
  135. what your mess says about you
  136. Your preferred method of execution
  137. Logic vs Understanding... The Implications
  138. INTJ Bully
  139. self-pity
  140. Addictions
  141. Connecting with the ones you love
  142. Psychological egoism
  143. MBTI, a system of immaturity?
  144. Secretly Fantasize about Winning Lottery ?
  145. The inner INTP child
  146. When Anxiety Attacks!
  147. what is your goal in life?
  148. Decision making is not the rational process we imagine it to be.
  149. Bridgend suicides
  150. Are you an alien?
  151. Stamina Other than the physical
  152. Expressive faces
  153. Cloning vs Children
  154. how do you feel about people out "there" having a good time?
  155. Role playing
  156. Can you predict happiness?
  157. Intense Dislike Of Chronically Happy People ?
  158. Your take on Paradigm Shifts
  159. Pathologizing Eccentricity
  160. INTP post relationship
  161. Do all the males of my species......
  162. Outgrowing awkwardness?
  163. What causes unhappiness?
  164. American Familial Generations
  165. Personal Satisfaction Analysis - Value Judgement
  166. Negativity over positivity - type related or human nature?
  167. Social Exchanges vs. Market Exchanges
  168. Daniel Day Lewis: Proof That We're All Playing Some Made Up Role
  169. INTPs' duality to.. ESFPs????
  170. Pictures of your inner world
  171. Sexism: How it works.
  172. do you ever feel like
  173. Risky Behaviors: Are you More Reckless Than you Think?
  174. n00bs
  175. Overreacting
  176. How do you like dating extraverts?
  177. Hell is other people
  178. Does INTP=something went wrong in childhood???
  179. Criticism of the IQ test, and using it to measure one's capabilties
  180. Share your inner ENFP
  181. Messing up a discussion board(tips)?
  182. Walking past people you know.
  183. Eye Contact, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Obsessive Worrying
  184. ISFP Mom...
  185. How can the NY gov. have such a distorted value of money
  186. Which direction is this lady spinning in?
  187. Taking responsibility
  188. OMG! Shoes...
  189. Odd
  190. Feeling like no one.....
  191. Need help understanding learning pattern
  192. Desirable personality traits.
  193. Psychological vs. physiological sensitivity.
  194. talk some sense into me
  195. INTP's and... people...
  196. When INTP says I LOVE YOU?
  197. Remembered stroke
  198. If typographic results formed a caste system.
  199. Too Lazy for Relationships?
  200. Compartmentalization
  201. Internet Addiction is a mental illness
  202. Acting, Mirror Neurons and IXTP/IXTJ
  203. Your values
  204. Consumed by guilt?
  205. Top psychiatrist concludes liberals are clinically nuts
  206. Unskilled and unaware of it - an excellent article
  207. Perfect Robot Relationship?
  208. Small talk...
  209. What's your most prominent sense?
  210. INTP women: Are you a feminist, in the actual definition?
  211. Psychology of an INTP: Drugs
  212. Expiry by Date- AGE
  213. About a kind of jealousy
  214. What's the strongest emotion you feel?
  215. Just thinking
  216. Depression's effects on true type
  217. An INTP trait i'd love to get rid of...
  218. How much of strength/skill is mental??
  219. Experiencing beauty
  220. 3 year itch??
  221. Are you creepy?
  222. The Illness of Marriage
  223. Who's Been Sleeping in Your Head
  224. Shame vs. Guilt
  225. Now I feel like crap
  226. Illusions and Oddities of Vision & Perception
  227. Help me with my friends...
  228. What do you do when you actually want to talk to people?
  229. I've had a realization
  230. social adaptation
  231. Aristotle's ethics - classify yourself
  232. Best way to..umm..?
  233. semi-rambling post for advice about intp coworker
  234. How do you experience your memories?
  235. how to *officialize* a relationship?
  236. dots and patterns
  237. Sphere of Influence - thoughts on Glasser
  238. If INTPs are so rational, why are so many of us druggies?
  239. Fear Factor
  240. The semantics of your lost innocence
  241. Psychological Torture: That which is a Brazillian Waxing Kit
  242. Oedipus and Electra
  243. The (de)evolution of your game
  244. Problems with an INFJ boyfriend(?)
  245. Should we give money to people in the streets (who ask for it)/the homeless?
  246. Finalizatiologicism
  247. Why are women featured in artistic photography more often than men?
  248. help me help someone else
  249. Oh, there's been a change in plans.
  250. How do you break the ice with people?