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  1. Famous INTP women
  2. BBC MBTI Test
  3. INTPs & Learning Styles
  4. INTP Sites & Profiles
  6. Are INTP people of above average intelligence?
  7. Radical definitions of INTP or the brutal truth?
  8. MBTI Preference Border Poll
  9. Famous INTP criminals.
  10. Are you a Jack of All Trades INTP?
  11. MBTI types of fictional characters
  12. INTP Challenge - What are you feeling right now and why?
  13. Che Guevara - an INTP? (No wait, hear me out!)
  14. Feeling versus thinking, pow
  15. ?Myers-Briggs survey design - the inner workings?
  16. how do you all know what percent i,n,t or p you are?
  17. Biggest differences between INTP/INTJ
  18. INTP vs. INTJ
  19. Which INTP sub-type are you?
  20. Mis-typlogy
  21. MBTI test in Brazilian Portuguese?
  22. Why are INTPs such a small percentage?
  23. NT humor vs. NF humor
  24. Why is INFJ suppose to be the perfect match for an INTP
  25. NT-NT or NT-NF?
  26. Cognitive Processes
  27. S/N Differences
  28. INTP musicians?
  29. VI (Get typed by VI Specialists)
  30. Companion shadows: INTP/ENTJ, ENTP/INTJ
  31. I or N or T or P
  32. The effects of borderline functions.
  33. Are INTP's losers?
  34. Blogthings MBTI Quiz
  35. INTP Body Types
  36. I can't stand Ss
  37. To all those Extroverted Introverts Out there....
  38. Autism = INTP???
  39. If INTP's had their own Reality Show.............
  40. the chess>>>> . <<<<intp thing
  41. another MBTI tool
  42. Any INTP's who are Anti-Perfectionists?
  43. Type Tango Singles Meyers Briggs Site
  44. What types SHOULD be most attractive to INTPs?
  45. Differences in interpersonal faults of INTPs and INTJs
  46. INTP Leadership
  47. Developing opposing functions..how?
  48. INFP Global Chatter
  49. INFPs and other "feelers"
  50. Primary Ns vs. Primary Ts
  51. INTP Wikipedia Profile
  52. INTPs: Pretending to Listen
  53. Relating
  54. "Skeptic Dictionary" Report
  55. Give me what you got on ENTPs
  57. Singling out the Jungian Functions
  58. Compulsive lying... which type?
  59. mbti knowledge applied to people
  60. ENTPs vs. INTPs: Are They Better?
  61. Improving Logical Reasoning:Tips
  62. Weak T(e/i) Function: Implications?
  63. interactive guide to the functions
  64. Sore losers (boardgames)
  65. Problems with MBTI Tests/New type of test
  66. The INTP Demographic?
  67. The Shadow side
  68. intp athletes?
  69. Music?
  70. dislike of SJs: temperment or modernity?
  71. Trying to match a journalist to an MBTI
  72. What types are most likely to be self-deprecating?
  73. INTP: Are you a Traitor?
  74. Mind Games
  75. Help me to find out my type!
  76. Importance of letter-place
  77. Another "Help me figure out someones type" thread
  78. Towards a Conclusive Self Analysis
  79. Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society
  80. Bringing up MBTI with other people
  81. Is it possible for your type to change?
  82. Anybody else??
  83. A new type, IXTP.
  84. Wrong "stereotypes" about INTPs
  85. Hitler.... lol
  86. "overloading" emotionally when discovering a fellow INTP
  87. Stephen King
  88. Ugly-ass hicks and the SJ assumption.
  89. ENTJ parent/INTP child
  90. Is your Bathrobe Ratty? The ultimate INTP "wounded social outcast" icon.
  91. Help me "type" this person I am obsessed with.
  92. Your type: rounded to the nearest value (lots of Xs)
  93. Random type-related behavior pattern observations
  94. The Rarest Type
  95. MBTI and sociology
  96. Mbti Blog Styles
  97. Somewhat incorrect description of the INTP
  98. Bring out your J via environment
  99. intps and funerals
  100. My ISTJ girlfriend
  101. Is there such a thing as a Type A INTP?
  102. How did you find out?
  103. Accepting your Type
  104. INTP overkill?
  105. Which Type the Biggest Asshole?
  106. Garden State, what did you think? and is the main guy INTP?
  107. Identifying NTs/NFs
  108. Si, you know you got it!
  109. Garden State discussion thread for those who are not superior intellectuals.
  110. My next experiment
  111. Which type(s) are most likely to fall prey to conspiracy thinking?
  112. Are you observant?
  113. Attack of the mutant Ne!!
  114. Least represented INTP sub-group on here
  115. The dreaded "byproducts" of being INTP. Channel them into use-fulness.
  116. INTj Uncovered
  117. MBTI
  118. INTP/INFJ
  119. Anyone care to type?
  120. What's Your Worst Job
  121. Looking to re-find Myer-Briggs site!
  122. The hyper-systemizing theory of autism
  123. BBC MBTI test
  124. MBTI/Jung: A bloody mess!
  125. Can't decide
  126. I made my sister take the MBTI
  127. Waitor-Waitressing
  128. Grandmasters of Chess, INTPs?
  129. Conditioning and Buried Types
  130. Keirsey is an INTP!
  131. this may help in clarifying letters
  132. Intelligent, but not very smart
  133. Shadowing...
  134. Male/Female differences within MBTI type
  135. Which Non-INTP Quality Annoys you Most?
  136. Position Amendment
  137. Who annoys you; Who do you annoy
  138. developing the Sensing function
  139. Is INTP the fastest learner?
  140. Art Types
  141. Insecurity
  142. Any MBTI Step II Administers In The Audience?
  143. MBTI and "stereotyping"
  144. NTs and Social Work. It does happen.
  145. your thoughts on "burning bridges"?
  146. Mythbusters type
  147. Any other type?
  148. Your strongest of the four
  149. Neatness vs Chaos
  150. Are NT's Worldly?
  151. Mathematical inclination?
  152. Career Testing
  153. INTP vs INTJ brother
  154. Autistic and INTP.
  155. Unmotivated ITNPs and schizophrenia?
  156. The Glories of living in an SJ world
  157. Balancing act: let's lean towards SF
  158. Passive verses active functions.
  159. Missing Words
  160. Crippling "Am I Normal?" psycho-phobia: Ironically, INTP's LEAST need it.
  161. Personality Typing
  162. preparing for a biz meeting
  163. writing an MBTI test
  164. Caring For Your Introvert
  165. Popularity Contest
  166. Finding similarities through MBTI
  167. stupid question
  168. Your Type & Emotional Intelligence vs. T
  169. Arrogance
  170. NT or NF, which do you prefer to be around?
  171. J vs. P
  172. the best sense of humor
  173. popular trends
  174. What I did for my INTP today - book
  175. INTP: The Egghead
  176. INTP and Genetics
  177. Can INFJs be mistaken for INTPs?
  178. Tell me about ENTJs
  179. Can't figure out the head of an ISTJ
  180. INTPs and forgetfulness
  181. Anyone Making Progress in "INTP Lack of Common Sense" dilemma?
  182. Sheep
  183. Identical twins
  184. The S and N relationship
  185. Tracking the Elusive Human: Psychological Types
  186. Do or say something ESTP today.
  187. SJ = co-operator, not mindless drone
  188. ESFPs and calculus
  189. Introvert --> Extrovert
  190. INTP and depression?
  191. developing the Fe
  192. Uselss Types
  193. INTPs' compatibilty
  194. INTPs and getting fired
  195. Pissed off INTPs
  196. Possible Cypher for some INTP qualities.
  197. I dont actually know anything specific; the cons of N
  198. Bias nature of extracting INTP info from this board
  199. Free MBTI Software
  200. So what type is my Boss?
  201. Type and intellectualism
  202. EF's need to stop touching me and pretty much everyone else
  203. IQ and INTP
  204. I talk to strangers.
  205. Know any ISFJ's?
  206. Do objects become "dead" to you?
  207. Economics, personality and Kiersey's co-operative/utilitarian dichotomy
  208. sensor properties
  209. What type do you think would make the best parent for you?
  210. What type are EMO people?
  211. Any Clues? Why INTP'S Talk To Themselves. And Even Answer.
  212. SP rage
  213. Atypical INTP-descriptions
  214. sports (wo)men SF?
  215. INTPs pissing off ESTJs...
  216. stereotypes of the types
  217. Star Trek personality test
  218. INTP Versus ISTP
  219. typelessness
  220. Coping with ESTJs
  221. You're Dead Right - Accurate INTP Descriptions
  222. Do you know any ESFPs?
  223. Is the best type to be XXXX?
  224. INTPs Clumsiet Type?
  225. ISTPs! Where the hell are you?
  226. IXXP: Need Help Here
  227. So easy, yet so hard!
  228. 2 sites with a lot of info on MBTI
  229. The other half.
  230. Is this mostly true about INTP's?
  231. Who's Typing the Types?
  232. P Challenge
  233. Why Are There More E's and S's?
  234. Pornography and Types
  235. Do intps
  236. best test?
  237. INTPs are so Smart
  238. Are you uncomfortable with compliments?
  239. Can you explain the INTP concept of time?
  240. Type reactions to type results
  241. What do INTPs Dream?
  242. INTPs & principles
  243. INTPs: What do INFPs think of you? Look and See!
  244. People who say they are of type X but are not?
  245. MBTI types and Artistic expression
  246. External world anchors
  247. Myth of the "T"?
  248. Distracted or Introverted?
  249. What's her type?
  250. Detecting ESFP