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Thread: What is the smartest type?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autumn View Post
    So basically you ask which is the most INTJ-like type. And it is obviously the INTJ! Wow!
    that is, if your version of "INTJ" is = INTJ.
    Quote Originally Posted by LastRailway View Post
    I generally think that Ps are smarter than Js. I don't know about I>E, it's not so obvious to me.
    your not familiar with the common introvert stereotype of silent people=smart people?

    Going by functions instead of dichotomies, I'd say something along the lines of:
    Ti - Ne - Te - Se - Si - Fe.
    Ti analyzes, Te operates.

    Ni gives one solid answer, Ne gives many undefined answers.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1104 View Post
    your answer is the type that best suits the social concept of "academically smart".

    besides, all institutions are better suited to Judgers than Perceivers.
    why do you think so?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gchrist View Post
    Whew, INTP again. I can feel the intelligence flowing back into me. Now, I'm going to look up some blogs about how smart INT's are while chaining some online IQ tests in order to validate myself.

    This feels great!
    its relative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I'mDying View Post
    Luke Skywalker, Charles Xavier not to mention Rogue and River... Doesn't even matter if INFJ's aren't the smartest. Pretty sure we can fuck pretty much anyone up.
    Not to mention adorable appeal. Shirley Temple. Common... Curly red hair and a personality. We INFJ's can pretty much charm or convince people into doing pretty much anything. We don't even need to be the smartest type. We are smart enough to use the smartest types for our own purposes.
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