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Thread: MBTI types of Heroes characters?

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    Default MBTI types of Heroes characters?

    And if so, does anyone want to give character typing a go?

    Peter Petrelli: INFJ
    Nathan Petrelli: ENTJ
    Arthur Petrelli: ESTJ
    Angela Petrelli: INTJ
    Gabriel/Sylar: INTP
    Noah Bennet(HRG): INTJ
    Matt Parkman: ISFJ (?)
    Hiro: INFP
    Claire: ESFJ
    Micah: INTP
    Mohinder: INTJ (ISTJ?)
    The Haitian: ISTP (?)
    Eden McCain: ISFP

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    I think Peter is more ISFJ and Nathan is more ESTJ (although he's probably more N than his brother).
    With love,
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